Progress in AI is best benchmarked by letting agents compete with each other. The Annual Computer Poker Competition (ACPC) was a powerful force for developing algorithms that can play Poker at a super human level.

During (2006 - 2018) ACPC greatly pushed algorithms for imperfect information games:

ACPC significantly boosted research of imperfect information games, but ACPC is now dead. What games could now push the research forward?

In a spirit similar to ACPC, we’d like to organize a competition to test agents on large challenging games outside of Poker. We are specifically interested in large two-player zero-sum imperfect information games, which have some interesting and non-trivial structure of imperfect information.

Guiding principles

  • Move the science of imperfect information games forward.
  • Use multiple games to drive generality.
  • Community driven.
  • Academy oriented.
  • Have fun!

What we hope for

In some sense, large perfect-information games have been solved by the learning algorithm AlphaZero. As one of the primary goals of this competition we’d like to achieve a similar status for two-player zero-sum imperfect-information games: the same algorithm should be able to play any large game.


All decisions are agreed upon within organizing committee. The committee members are:

  • Martin Schmid (DeepMind)
  • Noam Brown (Facebook)
  • Viliam Lisý (CTU)
  • Michal Šustr (CTU)