You can find heavily commented code of a random bot and referee implementation at the

Competition directory within the OpenSpiel framework.

The tournament code is available as of version 1.0.1 of OpenSpiel.

If you encounter any problems, let us know and open an issue. You can tag @michalsustr for fast response. We’re happy to help and try to make everything as smooth as possible. You can also write to us at the Discord server.


For submission, please use the template Singularity definition file from which you can base your bot submission. In most cases, this should be just copying your bot files and making sure that all the software dependencies are installed correctly. The template contains instructions on how to set it up.

Note that the secret game will be published in an obfuscated way via compiled binary dynamic libraries. We publish references libraries for testing. They do not contain the secret game, but a special testing game higc_test (copy of cliff_walking) that is not in the standard game suite.

Make sure that your bot works correctly using these two reference files: the secret game will be provided through an updated version. You can test it by running the tournament on higc_test

Note that after the submission deadline you cannot change your code, you can only provide new supplementary data for the secret game.

Finally, before the submission deadline, please send us a download link for the singularity container and supplementary data for Gin Rummy and RBC via e-mail to organizers (you know what) Ater the second deadline, you can similarly send us a link for secret game supplementary data.